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Tips and Tutorials

Picking a Domain Name ("My name is URL")
(January 2009) - Your website name, or url, should be given the same thought and care as your company's name. Here are several things to consider in making the right choice.
Create a Marketing Plan
(December 2008) - The marketing plan is an important part of your business plan. Read about some important components of a marketing plan.


Walz Cycling Caps first tradeshow appearance!
(October 1, 2009) - ClarkeDesign creates tradeshow booth signage, banners, and a comprehensive 16 page product catalog.
ClarkeDesign Launches Website 2.0
(February 6, 2009) - ClarkeDesign announces its website re-launch to show clients the potential web sites can offer.
Jonathan Tarr Foundation Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary with New Website.
(January 15, 2009) - Celebrating its 10 year anniversary, the Jonathan Tarr Foundation teamed with ClarkeDesign to create a full website redesign.